More Book Freebies For Today

Keep check on prices 🙂

  1.  The Mystery of Smugglers Cove Book 1  amazon:  google:
  2. Dying For A Living  amazon:
  3. Indian Affairs  amazon:
  4. Color Tour  amazon:
  5. Maui widow Waltz  amazon:
  6. Mystery of Hollow Inn  amazon:
  7. Burn the Dead: Quarantine  amazon:
  8. Nine Lives  amazon:
  9. The Last Fairytale Book 2  amazon:
  10. On The Accidental Wings of Dragons Book 1  amazon:
  11. Bride of the Mist  amazon:
  12. The Masked Heart Book 1  amazon:
  13. Let Us Prey Book 1  amazon:
  14. Only time Will Tell Book 1  amazon:  google:
  15. Peter and the Vampires Volume 1  amazon:
  16. New Beginnings  amazon:  google:
  17. Forever Book 1  amazon:  nook:  apple:  google:
  18. Secrets Book 4  amazon:  nook:  apple:  google:
  19. Meant For Her Book 1  amazon:  nook:  apple:  google:
  20. Olivia, Mourning Book1   amazon:  nook:  apple:

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