Free books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check those prices because they change nonstop!!!

  1.  Murder by the Pint  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  2. Killer Karma  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  3. Diamonds and Cole  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  4. Exposing the Billionaire  amazon:  apple:
  5. Unscripted  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  6. Blindsided amazon:  apple:
  7. When It’s Right  amazon:
  8. Radium Halos   amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  9. The Christmas Catch  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  10. Agent l1  amazon:  nook:*Iag-_-10:1  apple:
  11. A Bear in Need  amazon:
  12. Desired  amazon:
  13. Anna Marie’s Asylum  amazon:
  14. Son of Orlan  amazon:
  15. Freak of Nature  amazon:
  16. Ondine  amazon:
  17. Silverglade  amazon:
  18. Bloodlines  amazon:
  19. Which Way Is my Home?  amazon:  google:
  20. Gypsy Haunted  amazon:
  21. Her BodyGuard  amazon:  google:
  22. The Warning  amazon:
  23. The Legend of Devil’s Creek  amazon:
  24. Girl Unseen  amazon:  google:
  25. The Captive Heart  amazon:
  26. Breakthrough  amazon:
  27. The Murder Pit  amazon:

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