My October Loot Crate 2016!!!

Here’s what was in my box of awesomeness!!!

I opened it up and look!!!!! ❤❤❤

Freddy chopsticks!!!

A plush Leather face doll!!! Also comes with the loot pin ( one comes in every box and in your account you can reveal what you get with it.  Usually a steam game item or something).  About the plush it says there is a 50% chence he will be happy or sad.  As you can see…my Leather face is not a happy boy.  

Camp crystal lake wall pendant

The loot magazine filled with goodies and a book on the 50 greatest supervillians in comic history.

Ohhhhhhh a Negan shirt!!!  I love Negan!!!

The bottom of the box turns into a zombie mask! Even has the thing to secure it to your head. 🙂

Look at all the stuff!  Every month has been different theme and the shows or movies that will someway be in the box or crate.  

November’s theme is Magical and the regular loot crate includes: Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts, Game of Thrones and Big Trouble in Little China.  There is more than one crate type to choose from.  They even have a pets one!!!  I posted earlier how to get a regular box for  1. 95 so jump on  that deal!!!  They have ones ranging from less than 10 bucks to around 80! So go get some loot of your own!!!

Here is my referral again:
So overall am I happy?  Yes!  The pendant will go on the wall, my shirt will be worn a lot, the books will be added to my collection and the plush doll & chopsticks will somehow fit into my collection I have displayed (which is being moved to a safer and bigger location.  🙂


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